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Niele DaKine is the online pseudonym of the owner of Hillside Farm Hawaii. When not behind the keyboard trying to figure out how to get a website to work, Niele can frequently be found over by the bunnies playing with little fuzzy critters instead of getting actual work done.

August 12th, 2017

We're currently working on getting the website back up without using any outside code so it will quit crashing. It may be awhile considering I know more about shearing bunnies than writing a website.

Hillside Farm Hawaii

an English Angora Rabbitry in Honokaa

Hillside Farm Hawaii is a small backyard rabbitry on the Island of Hawaii. That's the one with the volcano on it, if you're not familiar with Hawaii. We used to be a much bigger 'real' farm but we weren't good farmers and the pigs mostly ate all our crops. The angora bunnies were the only 'farming' that was actually useful so we gave up the leased farm land and now just have the bunnies in the backyard. We've now gone to 'micro-farming with 'micro-sheep'.

English Angoras are the smallest of the different breeds of angora rabbit and they're really fuzzy, but that's by default the definition of angora rabbit.

The English angora bunnies here at Hillside Farm provide fiber for Hula Bunny yarn. It's a really soft and luscious yarn made with the fiber from Hillside Farm Hawaii's English angora bunnies. Hula Bunny yarn starts out with the bunny fluff for absolutely soft and fuzzy yarn. It is then mixed with fine Merino sheep's wool to add stretch and bounce. Then a bit of silk is added in for shine and strength. Voila! Hula Bunny yarn!

Hula Bunny yarn is not usually dyed, the yarn color is produced by using fiber from the different colors of English angora. We get a silvery grey 'Moonlit Dance' color of Hula Bunny yarn from the black, blue and agouti colors of the English angora bunnies here at Hillside Farm. The light tan 'Beach Bunny' color is from the tortoiseshell and fawn bunnies. From the white bunnies, we get the creamy white 'Coconut Dream' color of Hula Bunny yarn.