Three new ones

Ginger & Sydney babies
Ginger & Sydney babies

They don’t look like much yet, but there’s three new bunnies!  Ginger & Sydney had three babies today.  There’s a blue one (the lighter gray), a black one and what is either a tortoiseshell or a Ruby Eyed White, it’s hard to tell at this stage with the pink ones.

Hopefully she will feed them and they will survive, we will know within the next two days if they are likely to survive or not.

Sirocco and Sandy were also bred at the same time in hopes of having multiple mum bunnies available to take in unfed little ones, but neither one of them had a litter.   At least, not yet, anyway.

I don’t know if these will be the last three bunnies born here this year or not, it’s getting kinda close that the bunnies should have been out on dates if they were gonna have a litter this year.  Of course, they could always start in on next year’s babies, but then they will be on a different name theme.  Not sure what next year’s name theme will be, this year was atmospheric conditions.  Last  year was people names, the year before that was qualities of light.  Maybe we will do flower or spice names or something?  Rocks or jewels, maybe?

New Bunny Hutches Delivered!
New Bunny Hutches Delivered!

We may not be able to get pizza deliveries at our house, but today we got some bunny hutches delivered!  Woot!  Room for more bunnies!  Not sure where they are going to go yet,  maybe they will be for more bucks.  It’s been drizzly rainy today so thrashing about in the side of the yard underbrush hasn’t been  high on my list.  Maybe in the next several days there will be time to organize the new bunny space.

Waiting for the photographer

Hula Bunny Yarn
Hula Bunny Yarn

It’s a rainy day, so of course that’s when the magazine photographer is supposed to show up to take pictures of bunnies and things.  Sigh!

There is an article being worked on about fiber critters in Hawaii or some such, not quite sure what their exact topic is, but the journalist visited the bunnies last week.  It was, of course, a gorgeous sunny day but she didn’t have her photographer with her that day.  Ooops!  So, he’s supposed to visit today and see the bunnies and it is a miserable wet rainy day.

Guess they will have to be inside bunnies instead of out in the sunshine bunnies.

We gathered up some of the yarns and things from Vera’s Treasures so the photographer can see them since it seems like it’s gonna be an inside kinda day.

Hillside Gayle
Hillside Gayle

Baby Gayle got weighed and came in at one pound nine ounces at three weeks old.  Gayle is a singleton and is the only one in her litter so she’s getting what would be enough food to feed up to ten baby bunnies.  When she’s fully adult, she will be just over five pounds, so to be a pound and three quarters at three weeks old seems pretty plump to me!  I’ve not closely tracked weights of baby buns though, to know by how much more plump she may be over a ‘normal’ weight at this age.

I think baby Gayle is a girl bunny, though, so she will get to stay here if she is female.  We need more buns to make the ‘Moonlit Dance’ color of Hula Bunny yarn.

Well, soon as the rain slows down, I’ll go out and feed the herd and set up the nest boxes for the possible three litters we may be having later this week.  Not sure if the photographer is gonna want to visit bunnies in the rain or not.

Need more bunnies!


Baby Black Bun got weighed today and he came in at a whopping one pound two ounces and he’s only two weeks old.  Chubby little guy.  He may be a ‘he’, it’s still too early to be sure, but if I had to guess, I’d guess male.


He’s been named ‘Hillside Gayle’, is that a name which can be male as well as female?  I’ll have to go see, but for now, he’s named ‘Gayle’.  He does have his eyes open now, too, although you can’t see them in the pictures.  He’s also quite fond of ear rubs, he’s not a shy bunny at all.

We’re hoping for new baby bunnies around Thanksgiving, November 26th, to be exact.  Bunnies are pretty good about having their litters close to when we expect, although as usual with bunnies, there’s almost always exceptions.  At the moment, there’s three litters we are hoping to arrive on the 26th.

  1. These are the parents of the first litter we area hoping for.  The first picture is Hirata’s Ginger, who is a chocolate tortoiseshell doe.  The next picture is Hillside Sydney, who is an agouti buck, before his haircut and the next picture is after his haircut.  Ginger is just over a year and a half old and Sydney is just over two and a half years old.

His color genetics are Aa Bb C(C) Dd Ee and hers are aa bb C_ D_ ee.  So, half the litter should be some sort of agouti based color pattern, half the litter should be chocolate based colors, more than likely there won’t be any whites (the C in parenthesis is because I’m pretty sure he has two dominant C’s there in his genetic code, but it’s not certain yet), we don’t know if there will be any dilute colors and there should be about half fawns/tortoiseshell color patterns.

The next pair of bunny parents is Hillside Joey and Hillside Sandy Storm.  Joey is a Ruby Eyed White (REW) buck and Sandy is a fawn doe.  He’s a year and three months old and she’s seven months old.  This will be a first litter for her and his fourth.  Joey has a great temperament and great shoulders so he is a good herd buck.

Between them, it will be interesting to see what colors may show up.  His color genetics are __ B_ cc _ _ and hers are Aa Bb C_ D_ Ee.  Half the litter should be agouti color pattern and the other half solids.  We don’t know if there will be any chocolates but they both have a dominant B for Black so there should be some agouti/blacks most likely.  We don’t know if she has the recessive ‘c’ for albino, if she does than we will probably see some REWs.  The rest we haven’t a clue since there’s too much unknown in either of their color genetic charts.  We could see just blacks and agouti in this litter.

The parents of the third litter we are hoping for are Phineus Phogge and Sirocco.  He’s a lilac buck and she’s a chocolate agouti doe.  Phin is eight months old and Sirocco is seven so they are both young parents.  Her color genetics are Aa bb C_ D_ Ee and his are aa bb Cc dd E_.  So, half the litter should be agouti color pattern, all should be chocolate (no dominant black genes in either one), not sure if there will be albinos, not sure if there will be dilutes nor do we know if there will be torts and fawns.  So, chocolates and chocolate agouti is what we can expect.

There has been a lot of interest in bunnies just lately so we probably do need to have a few more girl/boy bunny meet-ups.  I’ve been going through the database checking to see which bunny can meet up with which bunny.  Even though we have five bucks listed in the database, as far as actual useful bucks, we’re down to two: Joey & Phineus Phogge.  Sydney went back up mountain and we could have a girl bunny take a vacation in the mountains and meet up with Syd, but for now, we’re just looking at the bunnies here.  Dozer and City Slicker are still on the list of bucks who live here, but they’re too old now for buck duty.  Which pretty much leaves Joey & Phineus as active bucks.

The available does who can meet up with them are:
1.  Hillside Cheiri, a black doe
2.  Hillside Myste, a lilac doe
3.  Hillside Petunia, a REW doe
4.  Hillside Suzie, a REW doe, and
5.  Hillside Tootsie, a chocolate tortoiseshell doe

The rest of the females here are either too old to have a litter or aren’t breeding stock for one reason or another.

Since we have a small herd, we have to check to see who’s related to whom so – the does that Joey can meet up with are  Myste, Petunia and Tootsie.   Phineus Phogge can meet up with  Cheiri, Myste and Suzie.    I’ll have to look at each bunny to decide which ones would be best for which ones, although Myste is the only female who can meet up with either buck.   If the litters that are due on November 26th don’t show up, then we will pick another three pairs and see if they work out better.

Staggering Around

Website developers we aren’t but we’re working on it anyway.  Hopefully this new site will become better than the free site on Google Sites, but this is the very beginning so it’s still pretty rough.

I’ll try putting some pictures in this post:

9 day old bunny
9 day old bunny

That is Hillside Joey & Hirata’s Cocoa Puff’s new black baby bunny.  She/he is about nine days old now and since it’s a litter of one, this baby bunny has been very well fed.  He’s huge and fat!  


This is some red gladious blooming by the bunny hutch.  Flowers like living next to the bunny hutches.  Even though it’s November, it’s blooming.  I dunno why now, but who’s complaining?

Hula Bunny Socks

Hula Bunny Socks

When we’re not thrashing around trying to figure out how to make a website, there’s knitting therapy.  Whew!  Thank goodness for fuzzy yarn and fast needles.  This is a pair of socks sitting on the Merino fleece which is being prepped to be sent to the mill to be made into the next batch of Hula Bunny yarn.  

Guess I should put this new post away and go do that, huh?