Hoppy Birthday Dozer

It’s Dozer’s Birthday!  He is now seven years old, not sure what that would be in human years but in bunny years that’s quite elderly.

Grinlow's Dozer

Grinlow’s DozerDoze is one of the foundation bucks for the herd here, he is one of the three who were imported from the mainland.  So, Hoppy Birthday Dozer!  He’s enjoying a birthday carrot and ti leaves.

We’re hoping for some new fuzzy faces here hopefully around the first week of April.  Dozer’s son, Phineus Phogge, has met up with Ginger and there should be baby bunnies in April.  Ginger isn’t the best mom, though, she’s lost litters before by not taking care of them.  In hopes of having surrogate mums if necessary, Sandy Storm and Cocoa met up with Sydney.

That was a week ago, I’m thinking maybe Myste wants to meet up with Phineus and maybe Suzie as well.  We need more white bunnies and Suzie meeting up with Phin may produce a white baby, if they meet up, maybe we will find out.