Bunny videos

Ha!  Learn a new thing every day!  Now we can have videos on the bunnies’ webpage.  Yay!

3 weeks old eating grasses.  This is Hillside Cheiri & Hillside Gomez’ first litter together and in this video they are three weeks old and nibbling on grasses.


These are the same five baby bunnies four days later getting their first taste of mulberry leaves at 3 weeks 4 days old.  They seem to like mulberry better than grasses.

This is the first video from when they were nine days old, but I didn’t know how to put videos in the web page then.

3 weeks 4 days (Day 25)

baby bunnies on their nestbox
afternoon bunnies

Late afternoon all the baby bunnies are on top of their nest box leaving Cheiri to stay on the floor of the hutch.  She probably doesn’t mind being left alone.

baby bunnies in the mulberry leaves

Today was their first taste of mulberry leaves.

First Mulberry Leaves

Baby bunnies love mulberry leaves!  I was surprised at how eagerly they pounced on the leaves and started munching.  They’d left the supplement and went for the mulberry leaves instead.

little white bunny in mulberry leaves
REW in the mulberry

Guess I’ll prune the mulberry tree some more tomorrow.  The baby bunnies have mulberry branches along with the leaves, it will be interesting to see how much of the branch they eat.  Frequently, the bunnies will eat all the bark and leave the wood.  We will see tomorrow if there’s anything left.

baby bunny nibbling on leaves

3 Weeks 3 Days

little black bunnies munching on a ti leaf
Cheiri & Gomez’ babies at 3 weeks and 3 days old

They are almost beginning to look like big bunnies now.  They can get all their feet working properly and don’t stagger around like little drunken sailors anymore.  They’re eating ti leaves, grasses and the supplement.  They still get some drinks from mom bun, though.

mom bun and four black bunnies eating from a dish, little white bun upside down nursing on mum
dinner time

Most everybunny is eating from the food dish, except the little REW who prefers milk.  Right after this picture, Cheiri went off to the top o f the nest box for a bit.

black baby bunny in green food dish

The food dish is still bigger than the baby bunnies.  They manage to gt the food, though.

watermelon vine escaping out under the garden fence
garden escapee

We have our first garden escapee, too.  The watermelon vine has gotten out under the fence and seems to be headed for the back yard.  Probably just as well to let it wander.  That side of the garden is safe from lawn mowers and it will have more room out of the garden than in.

3 Weeks 2 Days (Day 23)

Seems like the little REW wants to be the maître d‘ of Chez Hillside.  Either that or he’s the teacher overseeing the grade school luncheon, hard for say which.  Everyone else was munching on the grasses, he was up there overlooking the whole process.

Then there was a shift change and the REW is chowing down on the feed in the dish while there’s another supervisor sitting on the box.

Personality wise, the littlest one is probably the sweetest.  He (or she, still don’t have a clue as to gender) is the most curious of them and is the first to investigate anything.  Might be a male, though, he never sits still.  Little busy bee, he is.

The little REW is shaping up nicely.  He/she has some nice conformation, especially at a mere 23 days old.  We’ll see how he looks in another couple of weeks.

We need more white rabbits to produce fiber for the Coconut Dream color of Hula Bunny yarn so hopefully this REW will be a male.  White bunny bred to white bunny results in all white babies.  If a black bunny is bred to a black bunny, they can be any color if the parents have matching recessive color genes.

22 Days Old (3 Weeks, 1 Day)

baby bunnies on top of nestbox

Poor Cheiri!  Now her hiding place is covered with baby bunnies!

I think they got up there by sort of climbing onto the back ledge and then on top of the bit of wood there to fill in behind the nest box.  Not sure if I should make a ramp for them to get down or not.

They’re still gaining weight at pretty much the same rate so even if Cheiri isn’t feeding them as much as they’d like, they’re still growing.

beet greens from the garden

It’s been about five weeks and now there’s beet greens from the garden.  They steam up nicely like spinach.  We should be able to get a couple servings of greens from the garden about every other day now.  If we add in the lettuce, then every day.

Now that the garden is all put together and is fertilized with bunny berries and we save the seed from the best plants, it shouldn’t really have very many more costs involved.  Maybe a slightly increased water bill, but water isn’t expensive here and we have lots of rainfall.  So it won’t quite be free vegetables, but it won’t cost much to keep them on the table.  That’s the joys of bunny berries and heirloom seed.

Three Weeks Old!

These pictures are from are yesterday (Saturday), but I didn’t get them posted until today.   I’ll take more pictures later today to see how much they’ve grown in another 24 hours.

baby bunnies eating grass and feed out of a dish
3 Weeks Old

They’re eating pretty well on their own these days, although the do get a snack from mom bun when she will put up with it.

mom bun on nest box with babies eating grasses and feed below

Cheiri likes to be up on the box away from the kids if she can.  She seems to be weaning them about a week early, it seems, but she knows more about this sort of timing than I do.

small gecko on computer screen
computer helper

We have a small helper with today’s Daily Bunny report.  He’s about two inches long and is a very young gold dust day gecko.  They live around the house and eat bugs for us.  This one seems to have some sort of editorial ambitions.

Two Weeks and Six Days

The baby bunnies are getting more adventuresome and are out of the nest more often wandering around.

all out and about

About the only place mom bun can get away from the little ones now is up on top of her box.  She comes down to get the supplement treats and then she gets mobbed by the babies.

Cheiri is trying to eat, there’s one black baby helping her eat out of the dish and a couple more trying to drink milk while she’s within reach.  She will grab a couple mouth fulls of food and then jump back on top of the box.  A little bit of food was put up there so she could eat in peace.

They will be three weeks old tomorrow and they’re already nibbling on grasses.  Probably because mom bun is hiding on top of the nest box and is tired of feeding them?

Today was the parade and block party for Western Week in Honokaa.  The bunnies weren’t in the parade this year since we don’t have the parade car anymore.  Maybe next year we will get some sort of a bunny cart so they can be in the parade.  Maybe the bunnies would rather be in the Peace Parade that happens in the fall, though.  Bunnies believe in peace, happiness and dandelions for all.

Two weeks five days

baby bunny drinking from the automatic water system
Found the water nipple

They aren’t even three weeks old and they’re already using the automatic water system.  Usually I’ll hang a water bottle in their hutch low enough for them to reach it, but they’re already drinking from the water system.

two baby bunnies having dinner with mum, eating out of a dish
Dinner with mom

Two weeks and five days old and they’re already eating out of mom’s dish of treats.  It’s calf manna, black oil sunflower seeds and whole wheat and they seem to be nibbling on it pretty steady like.  They’re not even three weeks old yet, I’d expected them to still be fed only by mama, but she’s getting them eating and drinking on their own pretty quickly.

I figure rabbits in the wild would be eating a variety of things and baby bunnies would be nibbling on this and that as soon as they’re out of the nest.  So, if they want to eat big bunny food, well, who am I to tell them differently?  It’ll help take a lot of the load of feeding them off of the mom bun.  It also sets them up for being able to eat all sorts of things as adults.  Kinda like kids that play in the dirt get more antibodies.

assorted lettuces growing in the garden

The garden is doing well for just being over a month old.  We will probably be able to start getting lettuce to eat from it as well as perhaps some beet greens sometime next week.

Two weeks, four days

Cheiri on top of the nest box looking down on the babies
Mum bun on the box

Cheiri is starting to spend time up on top of the nest box letting the little ones wander around below.  As you can see with the white one going into the nest box, they still fit in under the edges of the nest box.  Cheiri is still feeding them, but they are now able to chase her around so she hides on top of the box where they can’t get to yet.

little black bunny nibbling on a piece of grass

exploring the taste of grassesThere’s fresh grasses that are put in with the bunnies to give them a chance for their first nibbles on grass and other fresh forage if they want.  This is the smallest of the black ones, he’s very inquisitive and was tasting the grasses.  He nibbled on it a bit and then decided he liked the taste and ate some.

Baby black bunny jumping up in a binkie
Baby Bunny Binkies

Then he got happy and bounced around the place, going ‘binky’.  Little bouncy hoppy critter.  Guess he likes the taste of fresh grasses.  Yesterday he weighed 6.5 ounces, today he’s 8 ounces.

Two Weeks & 3 Days

Ooops!  I missed yesterday’s Bunny Report.  Got home after dark and forgot to take the camera out when feeding the bunnies.  I got a few pictures today and just when they were all out being cute, then the batteries on the camera go flat.  Ooops Again!  Oh well, at least we got a few pictures before it the camera went flat.

two black bunnies in front of their nest
The smallest and biggest black ones

This is the biggest black one and the smallest black one.   The little guy is 6,6 ounces and the big guy is 9.0 ounces.  They’ve grown since they were weighed last.

They’re getting faster and more mobile.  The Ruby Eyed White one is still the biggest.  At 9.6 ounces, it’s still a half ounce bigger than everybunny else.  They can now skitter about pretty quickly, and they’re curious about all kinds of things.   There’s a couple of blurry pictures of bunny noses stuck in camera lenses.

Jessie was also gathering up nesting materials and putting them in her nest area.  Well, she was in the middle of doing that and then I put the sunflower seed/calf manna/ whole wheat treat in her dish.  So then she’s trying to eat with a mouthful of nesting materials.  Silly bunny.  I’ll give her some more grasses and things tomorrow and see what she does with them.

Gayle had a whole pile of grasses yesterday and she started out by nibbling on them.  This afternoon, though, most of the grasses had been put into the nest area.  We are still 11 days away from any possible babies, I’d expect, and it’s pretty early for nest building, but it’s a good sign.  Hopefully we may see two litters if we go by nest building.  So far, Sirocco and Suzie haven’t been interested in nest building, though.  But, it’s still early yet.


Two weeks and a day

Stellar bunny day today!  Grandma came to visit!  Gomie’s mum dropped by to visit with her grandbunnies.

Grandbunny mum admiring the little white bunny
Grandbunny mum

The babies were thrilled to meet their grandma and one of the little black ones learned about ear scritches.  Total bliss!  Grandma brought Auntie, too, so there were enough hands for all the necessary pettings.   Poor Gomie had to share.

bunny bliss ear rubs

He just shut his eyes, relaxed and smiled.  Now he wants more ear rubs all the time, Grandma spoils the grandbunnies really quick!

tiny black baby bunny nibbling on grasses
first nibbles on grasses

It’s a little early, but they took from experimental nibbles on the grasses.  In a week or two, they’ll be eating grass right along with mum bunny.

black doe with a mouth full of wool in her nest box
Gayle building a nest

Gayle has gathered up all the wool that she’d tossed out of the nest area and is building a nest with it now.  I’ll give her some more nesting materials tomorrow and see what she does with it.   She’s awfully early for nest building, she’s not due until June 6th.

very red leaf lettuce

red leaf lettuceIt’s easy to weed red lettuce!  This is some of the reddest lettuce I’ve ever had in the garden.  Hopefully soon we will be able to make some salads.


Two Weeks old

It’s not all bunnies, sometimes we go to the beach, too

Hapuna beach

It was a beauty beach day although there weren’t any waves to play in.  There were almost waves, but not big enough to surf.  It was graduation day for the local high school, too, so there weren’t many people on the beach in the early afternoon, I think they were all at the graduation since we saw a huge line of traffic on our way home and there wasn’t anything else to make traffic other than graduation being finished.

little white bunny walking around
Two weeks old going walkabout

Today is Saturday so the bunnies are two weeks old today.  It’s also yard sale day, but there weren’t very many of those since everyone was at the school graduation.  We did find one and we now have a dozen concrete blocks so there is a start on the next garden.  Yay!  By the time we get enough bricks, hopefully we will have enough bunny berries from feed that hasn’t been tainted by herbicide to fertilize the new garden.

baby bunny going into the nest
Into the nest

They are still small enough to fit under the slots at the base of the nest so they can go in and out of the nest on three sides.  They’re getting enough fur on them now that they can stay out for quite some time without getting chilled.  They can also get in and out on their own so when they get cold, they go back inside the nest.

little white bunny looking out of the nest
2 weeks old today

There’s four other baby bunnies in there hiding under all that fluff.  Every once in awhile, there will be ears popping up in the back or little noses hiding in the wool.

There has been a significant increase in baby bunny sizes today.  Each one of them gained at least half an ounce if not more.  The Ruby Eyed White gained .8 ounce to 7.8 ounces.  The next biggest black went from 6.9 to 7.3 followed by the third largest from 6.4 to 6.7, next to smallest went from 5.6 to 6.6 and the smallest from 4.8 to 6.2.  Which is a lot of weight gain for the smallest, I may have weighed somebunny twice.  They keep wiggling around, it’s hard to keep them sorted.  .8 + .4 + .3 + 1 + 1.4.  If these numbers are correct, then collectively they gained 3.9 ounces.  That’s gotta be a lot of work for Cheiri and it’s just going to continue for another week and a half.  She will start weaning them at just under four weeks old, so they’re halfway there.

Twelve days old and wandering all over

The little ones can wander in and out of the nest so it’s hard to weigh them properly.  Before they were so mobile, one would get weighed and put back in the nest and they’d pretty much stay put.  Now, they scoot all over the place and it’s hard to figure out which black one is which.

little black bunny wandering out of the nest
12 days old

The Ruby Eyed White is still the biggest one, by .01 ounce.   The REW is 7 ounces, the next biggest black is 6.9 ounces.  Followed by 6.4 ounces, 5.6 ounces and 4.8 ounces.  That’s quite a bit of difference between the largest and the smallest.  I think it will even out some when they start eating solid foods.

13 Day Old Baby Bunnies

They’re getting close to two weeks old.

They’re walking around better today, less like little drunken sailors and more coordinated.  With the dropped nesting areas, they can pop in and out of the nest easily so they’ve been exploring.

little white bunny out of the nest
Out of the nest

They burrow around the nest more, too.  Instead of staying in a neat and tidy pile near the front, they are burrowing through everywhere and it was hard to weigh them today.  I think one got weighed three times since it was hard to keep the ones who had been weighed separate from the ones who had.

baby bunnies in nest with ears up
Eyes and ears everywhere

Pretty soon mom bun will be hiding on top of the nesting box since the little ones are now able to crawl out of the nest and find her if she’s on the lower level of the hutch.

She’s maintaining condition although the next ten days will be the hardest ones on her.  The babies are all growing really fast so she has to provide a lot of nutrition for them.  Once they start nibbling on feed, then it won’t be as hard on her.  I gave them a bit of grass today to see if they’d be interested in it, but it’s too soon for them to nibble grass.  Cheiri liked it, though.

young garden with veggies sprouting
3 weeks & 5 days

The garden is doing well considering it’s only powered by bunny manure.  It’s about time to thin the romaine.  Between saving seeds and using bunny manure for fertilizer, there shouldn’t be any more expenses for this garden now that it’s all set up.  Although, we didn’t buy anything specific for the garden, it was put together out of stuff we already had laying about the place.

Day Twelve Baby Bunnies

Woot!  The first baby out of the nest!

First baby out of the nest - 12 days old
First baby out of the nest – 12 days old

A little black one out looking for mum.  He slid out from under the nest box on one of the side slots, walked over to mum and snuggled under for a drink.  Mum bun was busy chowing on the treat mix so she wasn’t paying attention to baby.

12 day old little bunny noses in nest, almost starting to open their eyes
Day 12, starting to see eyes opening

There are the beginnings of eyeballs opening up and they’re staying on top of the nest wool now somewhat.  They still burrow in, but they’ve got their noses out most of the time now.  They can kinda walk around although they still walk like a drunken sailor.

First weeding of the garden

With a raised bed garden, it’s easy enough to pick out the weeds when they’re still very small.

raised bed garden with lettuces half grown
Three and a half weeks since seeding

The tomato has flowers starting on it, although that wasn’t started from seed in the garden but was put in as a seedling.  The beets are doing well, three of the five types of lettuce are thriving with the other two AWOL.  The beans are doing well, at least, the ones that sprouted pointing up.  That one that was curled down into the soil never got itself straightened up.  It will probably be time to thin the lettuces pretty soon, I’m sure the bunnies will help with getting rid of the ones thinned out.

garden sprouting
three and a half weeks

Joey’s tomato is being covered by Good Mother Stallard beans.  There’s one Hanby’s watermelon in front of the beans.  Some all green sugar beets in the back on the right, some other beets with the red stem in front, some carrots and the lightest color of lettuce.  Pretty fast for three and a half weeks, I think?  No fertilizer, just bunny manure.

Day Eleven Baby Bunnies

They’re getting bigger, all but one are now over five ounces.   No wonder Cheiri is eating like a little piglet, she’s feeding bigger babies now.  For the next two and a half to three weeks is probably the most stress on the mom bun.  As the babies get bigger, she has to feed them more.  However, they’ll start nibbling on solid food in about two weeks or so.

baby bunnies in nest
11 Days Old

The little white one is now 5.6 ounces although one of the black ones is now bigger at 5.8 ounces.  If we were picking bunnies to keep at this stage, those two would be at the top of the list.  But, it’s still very early to see how they’ll be when grown up.

black angora bunny
Cheiri is a good mom bun

Cheiri could use a bit of grooming, but at this stage, we’re just letting her do nothing other than feed babies.  In another three weeks when the babies are more or less weaned, then we will give Cheiri a good grooming since she won’t be all that stressed out anymore.

Day Ten Baby Bunnies

They are all there and they are ten days old.  Most likely they will all survive at this point.  Baby bunnies are very delicate and we lose them to being stepped on by the mum bun, being eaten by rats or ants, getting out of the nest or even off by themselves at the other side of the nest and getting chilled and dying, etc. etc.  However, at ten days old, they’re becoming much less delicate.  They still rely on mum bun for all of their sustenance at this point.   Given another week, if they should lose mum, they’d have a chance of surviving but at this time they rely almost entirely on mum.

bunnies in a nest with the white one's nose pointing up
Ten days old English angora baby bunnies

They’re getting better at moving themselves around and they mostly sleep upright now.  They almost have their eyes starting to open, but they aren’t quite open yet.  They have little itty bitty teeth although I think they have them almost from birth.

It was a rainy day today so we didn’t get out to visit with the bunnies much.  Hopefully tomorrow we will get more pictures and visit with the little ones some more.   The babies get picked up and scritched behind the ears, a little belly rub, etc.  Being handled now keeps them pretty mellow as adults since they’re used to humans from the very beginning.

We did figure out how to get a countdown calendar for the upcoming litters added to the bottom of the webpage.  Now instead of having to count on the calendar, we can just look at the bottom of the page.  The Google page had a calendar that would keep counting past the event, but I think this one will just go to the event and then stop.  Having one that keeps counting past the time makes it easy to see how old the babies are, maybe one like that will show up at some point.  I’m still learning how to manage the website.

Day Nine Baby Bunnies

Didn’t get out to the bunny hutch until just before dark, so we have a late Daily Bunny picture today.

The littlest black bunny being weighed
The littlest black bunny being weighed

This is the littlest black bunny on the scale.  He’s all of three point seven ounces, so he’s still not very big.  He could be a she, too, for all I know.  It’s very difficult to tell gender until babies are much bigger than nine days old.

The weight gain wasn’t as much as yesterday’s, not sure why or how much variation in gain is normal.  At least, the bigger three didn’t gain weight as fast as the smaller two did.  Isn’t it fun having a program that puts things into graphs?  Kintracks had his handy little ‘Health’ section where their weight can be easily charted.

Hmm, come to think of it, if they gain the same amount of weight each day, it will graph out to a shallower curve overall.  The same amount of weight gain would be a smaller percentage of body weight as they get bigger.

five baby bunnies in a nest
There’s all five of them in there somewhere.

There’s everybunny else all sleeping in the nest.  They’re still at the sleeping in a heap stage.  They eat, they sleep.  Sometimes they’ll pop around when the nest is disturbed, mostly thinking it’s mom bun, I expect.  They make little meeping noises sometimes but not very loudly at all.

Around Day Ten to Twelve we should start seeing little gleams of eyeballs opening up and they start staggering around using their feet around then, too.  Guess it’s kinda better to open the eyes before getting too mobile.

Day Eight Baby Bunnies

8 day old baby bunnies
8 Days Old

The babies are now a week and a day old and they are all still there!  Yay!   The Ruby Eyed White one is almost entirely white now with very little pink left and the black ones are becoming shiny black.  The little REW is still the biggest one at 4.7 ounces.  The smallest one is 3.2 ounces so everyone is growing.

8 day old English Angoras

I’ve never tried putting a video into the bunny blog before, hopefully it will work.  It’s just a short clip of the baby bunnies.  They’re at the ‘popple’ stage where they jump and pop around.

Hmm, it seems to want to let folks download the video instead of opening a new window for it.  Well, if I figure out how to make a video work, then I’ll fix it, otherwise it looks like if you want to see baby bunnies wiggling around you may need to download the file.  Sorry about that!

This being Saturday, it’s been a busy day although we did get time in the afternoon to take baby bunny pictures.  They’re not getting posted until late at night, but oh well.  We can always hope to do better tomorrow.