Feet & Tails, Day Three Baby Bunnies

three day old baby bunnies in nest
Feet & Tails, Day 3

Here’s today’s Baby Bunny photo.

Not sure if that little black one is all that comfortable with his feet in the air that way, but maybe he’s practicing to be a lounge lizard when he grows up.  The little white one has his/her tail in there and is becoming more white as the time goes on.

Cheiri is doing well, loves chowing on the treat mix of calf manna, black oil sunflower seeds and whole wheat.  She also gets the organic alfalfa pellets, although those are just sorta nibbled on and not chowed down on.  There’s also been ti leaves and grasses.  She’s getting as much to eat as she wants, being a new mom and all.

Yesterday the babies were weighed.  The little Ruby Eyed White one weighs all of 2.2 ounces.  Guess I could weigh them in  grams so they’d seem bigger.  The smallest black one weighed 1.4 ounces and the biggest one was 2.3 ounces.  The weights were: 1.4 oz., 1.7 oz., 1.9 oz., 2.2 oz. (REW) & 2.3 oz.  I’ll weigh them again later today and see if they’ve grown.  My database doesn’t do fractions of ounces, though, so they’ve all been listed as either one or two ounces.  Hmpf!

Jessie, a black doe, got groomed.  She’s got some lovely texture on her wool although not quite as silky as Gayle.  She does molt clean, though, like Sirocco does.  I think I’m gonna try to breed for silky soft bunnies that molt clean.  Which means they probably wouldn’t make good show bunnies since they’d blow their coat once it got mature and not hold onto it to get those huge massive ‘show’ coats.  I think it’s better for the bun, though, to not have all that wool on them and less chance of wool block.  Also, if they’re sold to someone who neglects them (we try to only sell them to folks who will value the fiber and not leave it on the bunny, but life happens sometimes and things don’t always work out according to plan) anyway, they will molt the wool off if for some reason someone doesn’t shear it off.

Easier to pluck would provide better fiber.  Plucked fiber is a tiny bit nicer than sheared fiber.  Not enough to take much longer to pluck instead of shear, but if they can be plucked in the same amount of time that shearing would take, that would be a plus.

So, anyway, back to Jessie.  She has met up with Phineus so we are hoping for a litter from those two on June 7th.  We’ve already had Sirocco, the other clean molting doe, meet up with Gomez.  She’s due on June 6th.  Keeping a baby from each of those litters and crossing them may result in some really easy plucking bunnies, we will have to see.

Sydney has met up with Gayle, she’s the one with the really nice silky soft fiber.  Sydney is another soft fiber bunny, although he’s not as silky feeling as she is.  But, between those two, we’re hoping for soft, silky textured fiber.  She’s also due on June 6th.

So, that’s three possible upcoming litters, all from different bucks which will be good for mixing and matching later.  Hopefully, these litters will take.  All the bucks have been on the organic diet since mid April, although Jessie had been eating the Nutrena 18% up until she was bred.  Gayle had also been eating the Nutrena, but Sirocco has been on the organic diet.

There’s still about half a bag of the Nutrena feed, once that’s gone, then the whole herd will go to the organic pellets.  We will see if there’s a difference between these three litters.  We have two does, Jessie & Gayle, who were eating the Nutrena pellets up until the day they were bred.  Cheiri had a litter and she’d been eating them for the first half of the pregnancy, so maybe they will have litters?  Sirocco has been on the organic diet since mid-April, will she have a litter and how big will it be?

It may also be nice to work on the size of the bunnies.  They all got weighed and most of them are around the five and a half pounds stage.  Cocoa is the largest at seven pounds, seven point eight ounces.  Cheiri’s little black baby at 1.4 ounces is the smallest.



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