Day Four and Everybunny is still here

Cheiri & Gomez' babies Day Four
Cheiri & Gomez’ babies Day Four

We’re up to Day Four already and the baby bunnies are still doing well.  Cheiri is a good mom and seems to be feeding them well.   The little white one was 2.2 ounces at the beginning and is now up to 2.8 ounces.  That’s a pretty hefty percentage of it’s overall weight to be gained in a mere four days.  Still a tiny thing, though.

Cheiri is being a chow hound, especially on the calf manna, black oil sunflower seeds and whole wheat part of the diet.  She’s been eating the organic alfalfa pellets as well, but she’d much rather eat the other stuff.

Hopefully this has fixed the feed issue, we will see how the next litters go.

We’ve got four more upcoming litters, we hope.

  1.  Sirocco, a chocolate agouti doe, has met up with Gomez, the black buck, who is the sire of the current litter.  She’s been eating the organic pellets since mid April.   Sirocco does a nice clean molt when she molts, hopefully that will breed true.   We now know Gomez has the recessive for albino, but we don’t know if Sirocco has it or not.  We may see only chestnut agouti and solid blacks from this pairing.

  2. We also have Gayle, a black doe, who has met up with Sydney, an agouti buck.  She’s just started on the organic pellets, but Sydney has been eating them since mid-April.  Gayle has the recessives for chocolate and albino, Sydney also has them so there’s a chance of chocolate or white babies in this pairing.

  3. Jessie, also a black doe who has just started eating the organic pellets,  has met up with Phineus Phogge, a lilac buck.  Phin has been eating the organic feed since mid-April.  Phin has color recessives all across the board, we’re not sure if Jessie has any or not.  She’s out of a pair of blacks, so no telling what if any recessives she has.  Phineus is almost entirely recessives, so if she has any recessives, then we may see more than just blacks.

4, A Ruby Eyed White Doe, Suzie, has met up with Gomez, the black buck.  Actually, she’s still hanging out with him, since she didn’t seem to like him yesterday.  I’ll let them hang out together for about three days and then put Suzie into her own space.  We should see half of that litter if it shows up to be white.

We will hopefully see these litters appear on June 6th to June 8th.  Guess there’s more waiting to see what happens now.