Five at Five

Five day old baby bunnies from Cheiri & Gomez
Five day old baby bunnies from Cheiri & Gomez

Five baby bunnies five days old.  Yay!  They’re getting bigger!

Let’s see, the little white was first weighed when it was on Day 2.  He/she weighed 2.2 ounces.  Then on Day 3 it was 2.5 ounces, on Day 4 it was 2.8 ounces and now on Day 5 it’s 3.2 ounces.

The biggest black one and the Ruby Eyed White one are still tied for ‘biggest baby’.  The smallest black one which started out at 1.4 ounces is now up to 2.0 ounces, so it has grown, too.

We still don’t know if Tootsie should go meet up with Gomez or not.  He’s still got Suzie visiting with him, maybe he’d like a change of girl bunnies?  Suzie has been with Gomez for two days now, maybe Tootsie would like to visit now?  Hard to say.  Although, at the moment since Cheiri is still using one nest box area for her babies, that does lower the available nest areas by one,

There’s only five nesting areas, three of which are the dropped nest type and one is in use, so that’s four nesting places left.  We have Sirocco, Jessie, Gayle and Suzie who will hopefully want them so probably no more does should be bred at this time.  Guess Tootsie can go back into the big hutch with the rest of the girls and wait for next round.

There will hopefully be a lot of new baby bunnies this year.  We have the three official nest sites which have a dropped area in the center of the floor plate.  This makes a nest that baby bunnies can get back into by themselves if they are dragged out of or get out of their nest.

The mom bun only goes into the nest several times a day for a short period to feed the babies so they kinda make like little vacuums and suck onto mom.  If she hops out of the nest while they’re still drinking, it’s possible for them to be pulled out of the nest.   After they are about a week old, they’re old enough to walk around a bit or at least scoot  themselves around and sometimes with a traditional nest box they get out by themselves, too.  Especially if a lot of the nesting material is pushed up against the inside of the lip of the box.

With a traditional nest box with a raised lip if they get pulled out, they can’t get back in.  Mom bun can’t pick them up with her mouth like a cat can so they will frequently chill and usually die unless they’re found soon after getting out of the nest.  However, with the dropped nest areas, if they get dragged out, they can squirm back into the nest on their own.  We’ve not lost any babies to getting out of the nest since we’ve had the dropped floor nests.  So it’s best to use those for the new litters if possible.

We only have three of the dropped nest areas and two of the traditional nest boxes, but after the litters are about ten days to two weeks old, then the babies are big enough to get back into a traditional nest box if that’s all that is available.  So, if the other four does have litters on June 6th to 8th, then Cheiri’s babies will be old enough to be shifted to a traditional nest box and that would leave only one litter at risk of getting out and getting chilled.  Although, it’s also going into summer so it’s not as cold so that will help, too.

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