Day Eight Baby Bunnies

8 day old baby bunnies
8 Days Old

The babies are now a week and a day old and they are all still there!  Yay!   The Ruby Eyed White one is almost entirely white now with very little pink left and the black ones are becoming shiny black.  The little REW is still the biggest one at 4.7 ounces.  The smallest one is 3.2 ounces so everyone is growing.

8 day old English Angoras

I’ve never tried putting a video into the bunny blog before, hopefully it will work.  It’s just a short clip of the baby bunnies.  They’re at the ‘popple’ stage where they jump and pop around.

Hmm, it seems to want to let folks download the video instead of opening a new window for it.  Well, if I figure out how to make a video work, then I’ll fix it, otherwise it looks like if you want to see baby bunnies wiggling around you may need to download the file.  Sorry about that!

This being Saturday, it’s been a busy day although we did get time in the afternoon to take baby bunny pictures.  They’re not getting posted until late at night, but oh well.  We can always hope to do better tomorrow.