Day Nine Baby Bunnies

Didn’t get out to the bunny hutch until just before dark, so we have a late Daily Bunny picture today.

The littlest black bunny being weighed
The littlest black bunny being weighed

This is the littlest black bunny on the scale.  He’s all of three point seven ounces, so he’s still not very big.  He could be a she, too, for all I know.  It’s very difficult to tell gender until babies are much bigger than nine days old.

The weight gain wasn’t as much as yesterday’s, not sure why or how much variation in gain is normal.  At least, the bigger three didn’t gain weight as fast as the smaller two did.  Isn’t it fun having a program that puts things into graphs?  Kintracks had his handy little ‘Health’ section where their weight can be easily charted.

Hmm, come to think of it, if they gain the same amount of weight each day, it will graph out to a shallower curve overall.  The same amount of weight gain would be a smaller percentage of body weight as they get bigger.

five baby bunnies in a nest
There’s all five of them in there somewhere.

There’s everybunny else all sleeping in the nest.  They’re still at the sleeping in a heap stage.  They eat, they sleep.  Sometimes they’ll pop around when the nest is disturbed, mostly thinking it’s mom bun, I expect.  They make little meeping noises sometimes but not very loudly at all.

Around Day Ten to Twelve we should start seeing little gleams of eyeballs opening up and they start staggering around using their feet around then, too.  Guess it’s kinda better to open the eyes before getting too mobile.

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