Two Weeks & 3 Days

Ooops!  I missed yesterday’s Bunny Report.  Got home after dark and forgot to take the camera out when feeding the bunnies.  I got a few pictures today and just when they were all out being cute, then the batteries on the camera go flat.  Ooops Again!  Oh well, at least we got a few pictures before it the camera went flat.

two black bunnies in front of their nest
The smallest and biggest black ones

This is the biggest black one and the smallest black one.   The little guy is 6,6 ounces and the big guy is 9.0 ounces.  They’ve grown since they were weighed last.

They’re getting faster and more mobile.  The Ruby Eyed White one is still the biggest.  At 9.6 ounces, it’s still a half ounce bigger than everybunny else.  They can now skitter about pretty quickly, and they’re curious about all kinds of things.   There’s a couple of blurry pictures of bunny noses stuck in camera lenses.

Jessie was also gathering up nesting materials and putting them in her nest area.  Well, she was in the middle of doing that and then I put the sunflower seed/calf manna/ whole wheat treat in her dish.  So then she’s trying to eat with a mouthful of nesting materials.  Silly bunny.  I’ll give her some more grasses and things tomorrow and see what she does with them.

Gayle had a whole pile of grasses yesterday and she started out by nibbling on them.  This afternoon, though, most of the grasses had been put into the nest area.  We are still 11 days away from any possible babies, I’d expect, and it’s pretty early for nest building, but it’s a good sign.  Hopefully we may see two litters if we go by nest building.  So far, Sirocco and Suzie haven’t been interested in nest building, though.  But, it’s still early yet.


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