Two weeks, four days

Cheiri on top of the nest box looking down on the babies
Mum bun on the box

Cheiri is starting to spend time up on top of the nest box letting the little ones wander around below.  As you can see with the white one going into the nest box, they still fit in under the edges of the nest box.  Cheiri is still feeding them, but they are now able to chase her around so she hides on top of the box where they can’t get to yet.

little black bunny nibbling on a piece of grass

exploring the taste of grassesThere’s fresh grasses that are put in with the bunnies to give them a chance for their first nibbles on grass and other fresh forage if they want.  This is the smallest of the black ones, he’s very inquisitive and was tasting the grasses.  He nibbled on it a bit and then decided he liked the taste and ate some.

Baby black bunny jumping up in a binkie
Baby Bunny Binkies

Then he got happy and bounced around the place, going ‘binky’.  Little bouncy hoppy critter.  Guess he likes the taste of fresh grasses.  Yesterday he weighed 6.5 ounces, today he’s 8 ounces.

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