Two weeks five days

baby bunny drinking from the automatic water system
Found the water nipple

They aren’t even three weeks old and they’re already using the automatic water system.  Usually I’ll hang a water bottle in their hutch low enough for them to reach it, but they’re already drinking from the water system.

two baby bunnies having dinner with mum, eating out of a dish
Dinner with mom

Two weeks and five days old and they’re already eating out of mom’s dish of treats.  It’s calf manna, black oil sunflower seeds and whole wheat and they seem to be nibbling on it pretty steady like.  They’re not even three weeks old yet, I’d expected them to still be fed only by mama, but she’s getting them eating and drinking on their own pretty quickly.

I figure rabbits in the wild would be eating a variety of things and baby bunnies would be nibbling on this and that as soon as they’re out of the nest.  So, if they want to eat big bunny food, well, who am I to tell them differently?  It’ll help take a lot of the load of feeding them off of the mom bun.  It also sets them up for being able to eat all sorts of things as adults.  Kinda like kids that play in the dirt get more antibodies.

assorted lettuces growing in the garden

The garden is doing well for just being over a month old.  We will probably be able to start getting lettuce to eat from it as well as perhaps some beet greens sometime next week.

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