Two Weeks and Six Days

The baby bunnies are getting more adventuresome and are out of the nest more often wandering around.

all out and about

About the only place mom bun can get away from the little ones now is up on top of her box.  She comes down to get the supplement treats and then she gets mobbed by the babies.

Cheiri is trying to eat, there’s one black baby helping her eat out of the dish and a couple more trying to drink milk while she’s within reach.  She will grab a couple mouth fulls of food and then jump back on top of the box.  A little bit of food was put up there so she could eat in peace.

They will be three weeks old tomorrow and they’re already nibbling on grasses.  Probably because mom bun is hiding on top of the nest box and is tired of feeding them?

Today was the parade and block party for Western Week in Honokaa.  The bunnies weren’t in the parade this year since we don’t have the parade car anymore.  Maybe next year we will get some sort of a bunny cart so they can be in the parade.  Maybe the bunnies would rather be in the Peace Parade that happens in the fall, though.  Bunnies believe in peace, happiness and dandelions for all.

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