22 Days Old (3 Weeks, 1 Day)

baby bunnies on top of nestbox

Poor Cheiri!  Now her hiding place is covered with baby bunnies!

I think they got up there by sort of climbing onto the back ledge and then on top of the bit of wood there to fill in behind the nest box.  Not sure if I should make a ramp for them to get down or not.

They’re still gaining weight at pretty much the same rate so even if Cheiri isn’t feeding them as much as they’d like, they’re still growing.

beet greens from the garden

It’s been about five weeks and now there’s beet greens from the garden.  They steam up nicely like spinach.  We should be able to get a couple servings of greens from the garden about every other day now.  If we add in the lettuce, then every day.

Now that the garden is all put together and is fertilized with bunny berries and we save the seed from the best plants, it shouldn’t really have very many more costs involved.  Maybe a slightly increased water bill, but water isn’t expensive here and we have lots of rainfall.  So it won’t quite be free vegetables, but it won’t cost much to keep them on the table.  That’s the joys of bunny berries and heirloom seed.

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