Three Weeks Old!

These pictures are from are yesterday (Saturday), but I didn’t get them posted until today.   I’ll take more pictures later today to see how much they’ve grown in another 24 hours.

baby bunnies eating grass and feed out of a dish
3 Weeks Old

They’re eating pretty well on their own these days, although the do get a snack from mom bun when she will put up with it.

mom bun on nest box with babies eating grasses and feed below

Cheiri likes to be up on the box away from the kids if she can.  She seems to be weaning them about a week early, it seems, but she knows more about this sort of timing than I do.

small gecko on computer screen
computer helper

We have a small helper with today’s Daily Bunny report.  He’s about two inches long and is a very young gold dust day gecko.  They live around the house and eat bugs for us.  This one seems to have some sort of editorial ambitions.

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