3 Weeks 2 Days (Day 23)

Seems like the little REW wants to be the maître d‘ of Chez Hillside.  Either that or he’s the teacher overseeing the grade school luncheon, hard for say which.  Everyone else was munching on the grasses, he was up there overlooking the whole process.

Then there was a shift change and the REW is chowing down on the feed in the dish while there’s another supervisor sitting on the box.

Personality wise, the littlest one is probably the sweetest.  He (or she, still don’t have a clue as to gender) is the most curious of them and is the first to investigate anything.  Might be a male, though, he never sits still.  Little busy bee, he is.

The little REW is shaping up nicely.  He/she has some nice conformation, especially at a mere 23 days old.  We’ll see how he looks in another couple of weeks.

We need more white rabbits to produce fiber for the Coconut Dream color of Hula Bunny yarn so hopefully this REW will be a male.  White bunny bred to white bunny results in all white babies.  If a black bunny is bred to a black bunny, they can be any color if the parents have matching recessive color genes.

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