3 Weeks 3 Days

little black bunnies munching on a ti leaf
Cheiri & Gomez’ babies at 3 weeks and 3 days old

They are almost beginning to look like big bunnies now.  They can get all their feet working properly and don’t stagger around like little drunken sailors anymore.  They’re eating ti leaves, grasses and the supplement.  They still get some drinks from mom bun, though.

mom bun and four black bunnies eating from a dish, little white bun upside down nursing on mum
dinner time

Most everybunny is eating from the food dish, except the little REW who prefers milk.  Right after this picture, Cheiri went off to the top o f the nest box for a bit.

black baby bunny in green food dish

The food dish is still bigger than the baby bunnies.  They manage to gt the food, though.

watermelon vine escaping out under the garden fence
garden escapee

We have our first garden escapee, too.  The watermelon vine has gotten out under the fence and seems to be headed for the back yard.  Probably just as well to let it wander.  That side of the garden is safe from lawn mowers and it will have more room out of the garden than in.

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