3 weeks 4 days (Day 25)

baby bunnies on their nestbox
afternoon bunnies

Late afternoon all the baby bunnies are on top of their nest box leaving Cheiri to stay on the floor of the hutch.  She probably doesn’t mind being left alone.

baby bunnies in the mulberry leaves

Today was their first taste of mulberry leaves.

First Mulberry Leaves

Baby bunnies love mulberry leaves!  I was surprised at how eagerly they pounced on the leaves and started munching.  They’d left the supplement and went for the mulberry leaves instead.

little white bunny in mulberry leaves
REW in the mulberry

Guess I’ll prune the mulberry tree some more tomorrow.  The baby bunnies have mulberry branches along with the leaves, it will be interesting to see how much of the branch they eat.  Frequently, the bunnies will eat all the bark and leave the wood.  We will see tomorrow if there’s anything left.

baby bunny nibbling on leaves

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