Nothin’ Yet

chocolate agouti angora bunny looking out of her space

For some strange reason Sirocco climbed over the wall between her space and Cheiri & the babies’ space.  Haven’t a clue why, she has her own nest box, food dishes, etc.  But for some reason, she was in with Cheiri and the babies this afternoon.  Their nest box had been turned over so there’d probably been some sort of commotion going on, but when I was out there to feed every bunny they were  all pretty chill.

Haven’t a clue why she wanted to go exploring today.  Bunnies are pretty strange.

No baby bunnies yet, although it’s still a bit early so there may still be some.  Guess I have no patience.

Haven’t had much bunny time today, nothing much fun – just a buncha work, but got tons of that done at least.  Boring, I know, no pictures of baby bunnies for two days in a row!  I’m hoping to get this huge project done (again – this will be the third time it’s been ‘done’) tomorrow, so then there will be bunny, garden and blog time starting perhaps Friday.


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