Okay, they’re officially cute now.

White bunny with attitude on nest box

This is Zeus being officially cute on top of the nest box.  Sometimes he gets this attitude that is supposed to be manly bunny, I’m sure, but it comes across as ungawdly and absurdly cute.

Zeus getting ear skritches

Give him an opportunity for ear scritches and he’s a complete marshmallow.  So much for the big boy bunny attitude.

Little black doe sitting on the nest box

This one is now Zoey, she got named today and I’m not sure why Zoey, but that’s her new name.  Not sure if she’s gonna spell it Zoe, Zoi, Zoey, or Zoei.  Bunnies aren’t all that good at spelling, I guess.

She has the cutest little ear flip going on.  It’s just the tips, not the whole ear so I’m not sure how that fits into the ARBA’s ‘Standard of Perfection’ when it comes to English angoras.  It’s not a lop ear so it’s not a DQ.  They’re supposed to be upright in a tight “V”, but what about flippy tips?

bunny licking visitors

This is Ziggy, who for some reason likes to lick visitors.  She runs over and very very gently kinda nibbles and licks folks.  I haven’t a clue why and she’s the only bunny who does this.  Checking for flavor?  She doesn’t bite, just kinds tests for texture and licks.  Kinda tickles, too.  Lots of bunny kisses in  her future!

Little black bunny licking fingers

Finger lickin’ good, I guess?  Ziggy is an odd one.

Two black bunnies on the box

Bunnies on the box.  Not sure which two they are.  They’d swirl around the hutch and visit with folks and then they’d go do a bunny flop somewhere for a bit.  Then wake up and visit some more.

black and white bunny on box

There was a whole revolving bunch of bunnies on the box today.  There’d be one, there’d be several, they’d be there for a bit, then they’d be back demanding more pets and ear scritches.

Ziggy tasting the camera

Lots of bunny pictures today.   Ziggy is helping by tasting the camera.  She then stuck her nose in the middle of things probably trying to see how tasty the camera lens is.  Either that or trying to photo bomb from sticking her nose into the entire pictures.  What a strange bunny.

more bunny space

The babies are getting bigger, so the wall between their space and the one next to them has been removed.  They now have two thirds of the top of the first big hutch.  That gives them two boxes to hop on top of.  They also have a big dish of alfalfa pellets there all the time and ti leaves and other grasses and things to eat, too.

Zeus again just cuz he was being specially cute today.

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