Baby bunnies getting bigger

Into a new area!

The baby bunnies are now old enough that they don’t need to live with mum bun anymore.  The top of the second hutch was all cleared out and cleaned up for them.

The hutches have removable floors and removable front doors.  That makes them much easier to clean.  Here in the picture, the front doors and the floors are removed.  The lower ‘floor’ in the picture is the tin roof for the lower area which redirects the droppings to the back of the hutch.  There’s partition walls so this ten foot by two and a half foot wide area can be left as one big area or segmented into as many as three hutch areas.

Once the floors and doors are reinstalled again, then it’s ready for bunnies.

At the moment, it’s into two areas.  The baby bunnies have one side as their new home and the other side has the white girl bunnies.  We’ve only got three adult whites at the moment, Dolce, Petunia & Suzie, so we could use some more whites.  We will keep Zeus from the new litter and possibly the white one from Janet’s litter, too.  Although we still don’t know what the genders are on them yet.

Janet’s babies have their eyes open and are much more mobile now.


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