Cotton yarn

I’m not sure if it’s a washcloth or a shirt or what, but now we have some cotton yarn.

It’s spun to yarn thickness and not thread thickness.  I don’t have the patience for thread, either to make it or knit with it.

Maybe I’ll make a shirt or something.  Kinda interesting growing clothes.  You figure it wasn’t all that long ago – relatively speaking – that all folks had to grow and spin cotton or wool if they wanted to wear something other than tanned hides.

When did commercial spinning and big powered looms come into existence?  1800’s?   Egyptians were making cotton cloth seriously way back when, but they had spindles and not spinning wheels, didn’t they?  Wonder what sort of looms they had to weave the yarns on?  The Chinese folks were making exquisite silks way before any European industrial revolution.  Guess I should go study the history of textiles.  At what point did the majority of folks cease to wear tanned hides and switch over to woven textiles?

Why do folks take textiles for granted so much today?  Is the entire process mechanized so folks don’t appreciate it as work?

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