Fat yarn

Every once in awhile, we need a new rug around here.  So, here’s the beginnings of the next one.

These are a few skeins of yarn spun in the last couple of days.  The first two white ones and the little blue one in the middle are cotton yarns.  The fiber was grown here in the garden.  The big fat skein is raw wool from a friend’s lawnmower sheep.  It’s a bit rough and not soft enough wool that you’d want it next to your skin, especially with the options of the much softer Seat Island cotton or angora bunny fibers to choose from.

This is the spinning wheel the yarns were made on and the smaller skein of white cotton is there on the bobbin in front.  The wheel has the much larger bulky flyer on it for making the fat rug yarns.

I’d had some other fiber on a bobbin next to the drive wheel’s hub and it got into the hub.  It ended up pulling almost all the fiber off the bobbin and winding it around the axle of the drive wheel so we had to do a bit of wheel maintenance.

Ashford Traditional spinning wheel with the drive wheel off
wheel repair

The fiber on the ground behind the wheel is the trouble making fibers.  I think this is the first time the drive wheel has been taken off the frame since the wheel arrived in 2009.  In this picture, the smaller standard flyer is there and the cotton yarn has just been finished.

This spinning wheel is an Ashford Traditional, they’ve been made for almost half a century if not longer and are probably the most common spinning wheel on the planet.

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