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baby English angoras
baby English angoras

Mostly we’re all about fuzzy bunnies and making fuzzy bunnies and other fibers into yarn.  However, we’ve been delving into internet nuances and learning all sorts of things.

For some reason, why I haven’t quite found out yet, the home page of the bunnies’ new website (this website) isn’t mobile device friendly.  The other pages are fine, but the home page shows up as a weird grassy image with a hammer on it.  Not sure why yet, soon as I find out, hopefully I’ll be able to fix it.

For Google Chrome, my current browser, if the ‘home’ page is set to it gets all bent out of shape and says it’s a dangerous webpage and not secure.   However, if the ‘home’ page is set to then it’s all happy and everything is fine.  ????  What’s up with that?

Most of this webpage is put together with WordPress which wasn’t a program I’d used before so there’s a lot of staggering about pushing buttons to see what they do.  Apparently, we’re working with CSS or Cascading Style Sheets (a method of programming for web pages).  I’d worked a bit with Hyper Text Markup Languange or HTML somewhat, but unfortunately I haven’t met up with CSS before.  Well, maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how to change fonts and other nuances.

Lately, though, it’s been giving bunnies haircuts and picking beans.

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