Bunny Hutches Phase II

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Bunny Hutches Phase II

a wood framed wire bunny hutch with bunnies inside
the second bunny hutch we built

This was the second bunny hutch we built for our first two bunnies.  That’s Bumblebeeacres Forever and Tails of Paradise Stealth, although I called them Cloud and Zephyr.  The black one, Zephyr, is a buck and the white one, Cloud, is a doe.

another view of Hutch Phase II
another view of the same hutch

This may have been one of the best hutches if it would have had better spacing on the refrigerator racks used for the upper ledges.  The floor is 1/2″ x 1″ galvanized wire, the walls are pretty much whatever we had laying around.  The back is half plywood so the whole structure is pretty stiff.  The doors are refrigerator racks, the upper ledge is some sort of wire rack and there’s a wooden hidey hole box on the upper ledge so they can jump up there, too.  In effect, there are three levels for them.  I think the overall dimensions are eight feet by thirty some odd inches.

picture of bunny hutch on a hillside
This is how we got the name ‘Hillside Farm’

The bunny hutches were built on a hillside, so we called the rabbitry ‘Hillside Farm’ since we’d not even heard the word ‘rabbitry’ yet.

baby bunnies in nest box
some of the first litters born here

Since we had a boy bunny and a girl bunny, well, soon there were baby bunnies.  This is when the larger spacing of the upper level racks became a problem as well as then we needed more space for bunnies.

start of bunny hutch construction
Second of the Phase II hutches

Soon after baby bunnies, we started a second hutch of the same construction method.   We ended up making three of these, although we moved to the next house soon after finishing the third one.

Since they were built in place and on a hillside, we didn’t move the hutches but deconstructed two of them to use the parts for the next hutches.  We left one in case the renter wanted a small animal hutch.

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