The First Hutch

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small hutch build against a wall
First bunny hutch, 2010

We don’t have many pictures of the first bunny hutch since it didn’t last very long.  It was put up against the side of bathhouse before the bath house was even finished.  It was a couple of concrete blocks set on end holding up a wire grid.  Some wood on the sides and an old window set on top.  There was very little sun at that location so the window on top was actually a good thing.  It was probably about 24″ x 48″.  I think that wire rack for the bottom of the hutch was reused when we built the latest chicken coop, so I could go measure, I suppose.  The bunnies were in here for a month or so while we figured out new housing for them

stains on wall from first bunny hutch
Mess from the first bunny hutch

This was the mess from the bunny hutch being against the wall, so I don’t recommend this method for bunny hutch building.  Oh, the white grid in front is a seed starter, not the grid from the bottom of the bunny hutch.

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