In The Nestbox

March 8th, 2017

We are hoping for some litters around the first week of April.  So far there’s one confirmed mating between Phineus Phogge, our lilac buck, and Ginger. a chocolate tortoiseshell doe.  They managed it right away, I’d been a bit worried since Phineus is a new young buck, but hopefully there will be babies from it.

Sydney, the agouti buck, met up with Sandy Storm, a fawn doe, and Cocoa Puff, a chocolate doe.  That gives us three possible litters.  I didn’t see Sydney and either of the does actually mate, but they were in with him for a week, so they have until the end of the second week of April to have a litter.

Since there is a demand for the bunnies, perhaps Suzie will meet up with Phineus tomorrow and maybe Myste as well.  Although there’s only four nesting spaces in the hutches.  Three with the dropped nesting areas and one with a nesting box.  But, more than likely not all of them will have litters, so breeding one or two extra would probably work.

Angora Bunnies in Hawaii who provide absolutely luscious fiber for Hula Bunny yarn

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