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The English angora bunnies here at Hillside Farm provide fiber for Hula Bunny yarn.    They are a lot like little sheep, ‘micro-sheep’, if you will,  although I think they are a lot cuter and more cuddly than most sheep.  Technically, they are still ‘livestock’ even if they are absurdly cute, fuzzy, sweet & cuddly.  Their primary purpose is to provide fiber, bunny hugs are just extra.

English angoras are about five to six pounds when they are fully grown, although with the amount of ‘wool’ on them, they look huge.  Oh, in the angora world, their fur is called ‘wool’ just as if it were from a sheep.

We keep around two to six male bunnies, who are called ‘bucks’, and up to two dozen females, who are called ‘does’.   The boy bunnies have their own hutch spaces since they can get grumpy if they share with other males.  The females are all pretty happy living in large groups.  

Here’s the current herd here at Hillside Farm

Hillside Farm Herd Sires

November 12th, 2016

Grinlow's Dozer
                          Grinlow’s Dozer                         

93GF  chocolate buck  2/9/2010
Awesome Angora’s Avalanche x AA’s L’Oreal 
color genetic code: aa bb CDEe

He’s one of the six who were imported from the mainland in 2010.  He’s a very senior buck now and doesn’t report for buck duty anymore.  He’s had a lot of offspring over the years, though, and his lovely temperament and dense coat breeds true.  

Joey before a haircut                                 Hillside Joey                         

5M11  REW buck   
Hillside Cheiri x  Hillside Country Cousin  8/7/2015
color genetic code:  aa B_ cc _ _  

Joey has more of an attitude than a temperament, he somehow manages to be a somewhat shy bunny and yet has a bit of a bad boy attitude, too.  Lovely dense wool, really nice shoulders.  He took Best in Breed Opposite Sex at the one bunny show he went to as a young bunny.  The judge was charmed by him and said if she could have given points for attitude he would have won.  I suspect he’s actually a black bunny hiding under the albino white wool.  All his offspring have been black so far, although there haven’t been very many yet.

Phineus Pogge                Hillside Phineus Phogge                
6M08 lilac buck   
Grinlow’s Dozer x Hillside Petunia   3/16/2016
  color genetic code:  aa bb Cc dd E_

Phineus Phogge is a very sweet buck.  Very friendly with lovely dense soft & silky wool.  As a lilac he has lots of color recessive genes so he can have litters with lots of color in them.  He’s planned to be Dozer’s replacement as herd buck.   So far he hasn’t had any offspring, however, we are hoping for the first litters from him in 2017.

Hillside Sydney                             Hillside Sydney                        .

4M01 Agouti buck   3/24/2014
AJM’s Toffee x HS Twinkle
color genetic code:   Aa Bb C(C) Dd E

Technically he’s not a resident buck here but he lives close by and the girls can visit.  The picture shows Syd after a haircut.  The bunnies get three haircuts a year.   Sydney is a really friendly bunny and he wanted to be a spoiled bunny with his very own people to spoil him rotton so he moved up mountain where they bring him organic carrot tops and kale instead of merely ti leaves and guinea grass.  Girl bunnies go up to visit him frequently and when his people go on vacation, Syd comes down the mountain and hangs out with the herd.  He tries to explain to me that I’m being mean to him by not bringing him his usual meals, but he still eats his ti and mulberry leaves even with a grumpy look on  his face.

This is one of his baby pictures from when  he was 12 days old.  He didn’t quite have his eyes opened yet.

Hillside Sydney 12 days old
Sydney’s baby picture

Hillside Farmgirls

REW doe

TLH Dolce
TLH1 REW Doe   6/17/2010
TM’s B2TM x 24 Karrot Luccehese Bleu
Color Genetic code: aa Bb cc Dd Ee

Dolce is the senior doe and queen diva bunny.  She is one of the six who were imported from the mainland in 2010.  She’s had a lot of offspring, but is retired now.  She still produces lovely white wool for Hula Bunny’s ‘Coconut Dream’ color yarn.  She is the originator of a lot of the color in the herd even though she’s a white rabbit.

Hillside Maile
Hillside Maile
Fair Hare’s Miley (Maile)
TFHM REW Doe   7/22/2010
Creek’s Sing the Blues  x Winkler’s Falcor
Color Genetic code: aa B(B) cc Dd E(E)

Maile is also a bunny who was imported from the mainland in 2010.  She has excellent wool texture, very soft and silky.  She has a somewhat shy temperament, is on the smaller side and as far as I know has no recessives for either chocolate or tortoiseshell/fawn.  She’s had a lot of offspring and is now retired from having any more.  She still provides wool for Hula Bunny’s ‘Coconut Dream’ color of yarn.

Hillside Petunia

Petunia after a haircut

Petunia after a higgly piggly haircut .     As you can tell, not all haircuts end up looking good afterwards.  Petunia is a big healthy bunny with great wool texture, but she has one ‘lazy’ ear  which keeps her from being a show bunny.

Petunia before haircut

Petunia before haircut

This is Petunia before her miserable haircut.    But, the purpose of the haircut is to get the hair off in a usable fashion not to have a pretty bunny afterwards and they grow more hair soon enough so they don’t mind.

Hillside Petunia
2F16 REW Doe   2/18/2012
FTLH Dolce x Grinlow’s Dozer
Color Genetic code: aa _b cc __

Hillside Suzie 10 weeks old
Hillside Suzie 10 weeks old

Hillside Suzie
5F10 REW Doe   8/7/2015
Hillside Cheiri x Hillside Country Cousin
Color Genetic code: aa _b cc __e

Hillside Suzie is from the year we were naming bunnies after famous people.  So our Suzie is named after the Famous Author Suzie who wrote the book ‘The Nervous New Owner’s Guide to Angora Rabbits’.  The bunnies consider Suzie The Author to be very famous person indeed.

Hillside Suzie has a lovely temperament, great wool and good conformation.

Hillside Cheiri at 5 months
Hillside Cheiri at 5 months

This is Hillside Cheiri who is one of the ‘All Blacks’.   She was born in a litter of five who were all black.  Their mum is a Ruby Eyed White (REW) and their sire is a tortoiseshell so it was a bit surprising to find five All Blacks.  Cheiri is a nice solid bun with lovely wool.  She provides fiber for the ‘Moonlit Dance’ color of Hula Bunny Yarn.

Hillside Cheiri
2F13 Black Doe   4/16/2012
Fair Hare’s Maile x Hillside Sherman
Color Genetic code: aa _b cc __e

Angora Bunnies in Hawaii who provide absolutely luscious fiber for Hula Bunny yarn

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