GrandMaMa Visiting With Baby Zeus

These are English angora bunnies, if you don't have any plans to use their wool, they're way too much work to have around. By their temperament, they do make lovely pets, but the coat maintenance overshadows that, so they're not recommended to be a pet bunny. Their coat needs maintenance, generally a weekly 'brushing' with the steel comb at the least. Their coat needs to be harvested every three to four months. Even though they molt their coats, they need help to do that or the molting fiber gets tangled with the incoming fiber and becomes a mess.

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Available Bunnies

September 18th, 2017

We have two young bucks available for new homes. Their names (at the moment, they can get new ones when they get new homes if you like) are Hillside Zoot and Hillside Zookie Schwartz. They're brothers and were born May 6th, 2017. They're parents are Hillside Gomez, a black buck and Hillside Cheiri, a black doe.

I'll get some pictures of them up here soon, I hope. That's their brother Zeus and their Grandbunny MaMa in the picture, but that picture was from when they were only ten days old.

Black English angora bunnies start out black and as their coat gets longer, they turn a silvery gray color. Since these are English angoras of a molting line (not all English angoras will molt), they will shed their coat and it should be clipped or plucked when they are molting. When that happens they will go back to being a darker colored black bunny and then they will turn gray again in a couple of months as their wool grows out. They are one of the easier buns to know when to harvest their wool since you can tell by the color of it.

They are both pure bred 100% English angoras and they have pedigrees showing their family tree back four generations. Since we have a small genetic pool on the islands, it's always important to know which bunny is related to which bunny when breeding English angoras in the islands.

They're old enough for new homes now and can be shipped to other islands as well. They are $65 each and if they are to fly off to a new home on another island, there will be additional charges for their shipping kennel, airfare and gas to get them to Hilo. The kennel is roughly $40, the airfare about $55 and the gas to get to Hilo about $20 since we're about 42 miles away and the van gets terrible gas mileage.

English angoras are the cutest of the angoras - at least, I think so - but they also have the most grooming needs. Right after a haircut, they're pretty much like a regular bunny for a month or two. Then they'll need at minimum a combing with a long toothed steel comb every two weeks for the next month and then weekly for the month after that to keep them mat free. Then they either molt and their wool is harvested or they get a haircut and their wool is harvested. Then they're about six ounces lighter and back to not needing grooming for another month or two.

We give precedence to folks who are either going to sell the wool back to us for $5 per ounce, or are going to use the wool themselves. These bunnies are too much work not to use the wool. They may be cute and all, but unless you're willing to groom them frequently, it would be petter if they go to a home where they will be valued for their wool production and not just and only the cute factor. Sending them to a professional groomer is a waste of their wool and gets terribly expensive as well so we don't recommend it.

I'll try putting in a table to list the data on the available bunnies. That may help keep track of who is who when there's more than just two, but I'm still setting up the framework for this website so the table will be bigger than the available bunnies we have at this time.

Hmm, for some reason on phones, this table is probably gonna fall off the edge of the screen. Well, that will be another thing to fix, but I'll get it later when there's more than only two bunnies to list, if/when that ever happens. The data in the table is their names: Zoot & Zookie, their birthday: May 6th, 2017, their ear numbers (if they ever want an ear tattoo) which is 7M03 for Zoot and 7M05 for Zookie, their gender: buck, their color: black and their price: $65. So, if you're accessing this web page via your phone or other small handheld device, that's the data you may not be able to see.

Bunny Birthday Ear Number Gender Color Price
name date ear # gender color price
Hillside Zoot May 6th, 2017 7M03 buck black $65
Hillside Zookie Schwartz May 6th, 2017 7M05 buck black $65
name date ear # gender color price
name date ear # gender color price

We hopefully have some upcoming litters, but we never know if they will appear or not. We will keep trying if they don't, but even if a baby bunny is born today, they won't be ready for a new home for at least nine weeks.

If you'd like a fuzzy bunny of your own, send us an email using the 'mailto' link below.

Bunny eating a citrus leaf

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