Suzie Suzie Before her harecut Suzie After her haircut

I'll try to get some more pictures of Suzie up here, there's only three edited and uploaded for the webpage at the moment, though, so these three are duplicates of the ones in the text below. They're kinda place holders for the new pictures once they get taken, edited and uploaded.

Hillside Suzie, a Ruby Eyed White doe

Hillside Suzie

Born: August 7th, 2015
Gender: Doe
Sire: Hillside Country Cousin, a black buck
Dam: Hillside Cheiri, a black doe
Ear Tattoo: 5F10
Color: Ruby Eyed White ( REW or albino )
Color Genes: aa _b cc _d _e

Suzie is a nice REW doe, mellow and somewhat timid. She's got good conformation and nice wool. When Zeus is old enough, hopefully she will have a litter with him so we can get a whole litter of white babies. Ruby Eyed White bred to REW results in 100% REW babies. Frequently the 'REW' is pronounced 'ROO' in the rabbit world, should you be confused when overhearing bunny folks chatting about obscure things.

Suzie provides fiber which is used in the 'Coconut Dream' color of Hula Bunny yarn. Coconut Dream is a nice creamy white color, which is also a good color for dyed yarns.

Suzie Before and After a haircut

Suzie Suzie

It should be pretty easy to tell which is the 'before' picture and which is the 'after' picture. As you can see, I'm not the world's best bunny groomer. At least, if you want a good looking bunny afterwards. The fiber will be nice and long, though, great for spinning into yarn.

Suzie gets a haircut about every four months so she's used to looking like a ragamuffin several times during the year. Fortunately, these fuzzy bunnies grow hair quickly so she doesn't stay looking ratty for very long. Soon enough she will be all fuzzy again and in need of another haircut.

Hula Bunny Yarn logo

Suzie provides fiber for the creamy white "Coconut Dream" color of Hula Bunny yarn.

Bunny eating a citrus leaf

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