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Hillside Farm Hawaii Bunny Hutches

Hillside Farm Hawaii

English angora bunnies in Hawaii

September 19th, 2017 The website seems to be settling into shape, although trying to get something that works across all devices is still being worked on. Now that there's enough framework to start with, some more content would be good. Pictures of bunnies at least!

Grinlow's Dozer, our chocolate buck
Grinlow's Dozer

E como mai!

That's Hawaiian for 'welcome!'. This is Hillside Farm Hawaii, a very small 'micro-farm' on the Island of Hawaii. That's also the island with the volcano on it, if you keep track of the different Hawaiian islands. Since we are the Island of Hawaii in the State of Hawaii, folks frequently refer to us as the 'Big Island' mostly because this island is much bigger than the others and it's still growing. The volcano is over on the other side of the island, though, so the bunnies don't worry about having to hop faster than lava. Considering they're all angora bunnies, that's a really good thing because angoras aren't exactly the most athletic bunnies out there. They're much better at being cute and growing fabulous fiber than anything else.

These bunnies here are technically 'livestock', just like tiny little sheep. So, I guess they're 'micro-sheep'. Woot! I wonder if the bunnies would be offended if they ever found out they were livestock? They're exceptionally cute and cuddly livestock. Maybe shepards hug their sheep all the time, I dunno, but there's lots of bunny hugs around here.

The prime reason we have these terribly cute and fabulously fuzzy bunnies is to provide exquisite fiber for our Hula Bunny yarn. We are hoping to make the softest, fuzziest, absolutely insanely most luscusious yarn on the planet. Maybe even the universe! However, we're just a few bunnies in the backyard on a hillside in Hawaii so those may be some grandiose plans. The bunnies don't mind, though, as long as they get loads of ti leaves and other tasty things, they're happy enough to change leaves into fiber for any sort of grandiose plans we come up with. Bunnies are really mellow as long as there's tasty things around. Actually, they're pretty mellow most of the time and even when they're grumpy a ti leaf will usually cheer them up.

When we started 'Hillside Farm Hawaii' we were a real farm on a real hillside. It was some lovely leased farmland on, well, you guessed it - a hillside here in Hawaii. We weren't very good farmers, though. We grew sweet potatoes and the night before we went to harvest them, the feral pigs came in and roto-tilled the whole field and ate all the sweet potatoes. Too bad they couldn't have done all that rototilling after we'd harvested the sweet potatoes. We grew corn and pretty much the same thing happened. I did have loads of fun playing with the backhoe. As far as profitable farming went, the only thing actually making money was the bunnies and they weren't even on the leased farmland but in our backyard at home. Since we'd already started using the name 'Hillside Farm Hawaii', we kept the 'farm' name, gave up the leased farmland and concentrated on 'micro-farming' with the fuzzy English angora bunnies in the backyard. Since the backyard is also on a hillside, we kept the 'hillside' part of the name, too.