Dozer Dozer Dozer Dozer Dozer Dozer

Grinlow's Dozer, our chocolate buck
Grinlow's Dozer

Grinlow's Dozer

Born February 9th, 2010
Gender: Buck
Sire: Awesome Angora's Avalanche
Dam: Awesome Angora's L'Oreal
Ear Tattoo: 93GF
Color: Chocolate
Color Genes: aa bb Cc Dd Ee
Dozer is one of our 'foundation' bucks. He was imported from the mainland in 2009 and has had a huge impact on the herd of bunnies here. His main claim to fame is his lovely temperament. The Dozemiester is a mellow friendly bun and it breeds true. He also has a lovely dense coat of soft wool in a light chocolate color.

He does have rather 'lazy' ears. In the show ring that would lose him a few points, no doubt. His wool density is really good and the rest of his conformation isn't too bad, but those ears are not the best. We have had some of his offspring with the same sort of ears, but they've also had the same type of wool and temperament, so it's not a bad tradeoff.


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Dozer provides fiber for the "Beach Bunny" color of Hula Bunny yarn.